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Globalstar 9 Pieces Salon Hair Styling Comb

Globalstar 9 Pieces Salon Hair Styling Comb

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Professional anti-static plastic. Won't scratch your scalp or get caught in knots, works well with hair styling and chemical treatments.

1. Seamless fine tooth tail comb

The extra hook at the tip makes pulling hair over the band a breeze. Our comb is perfect to use for all hair extensions. 

2. Pin-tail Teaser Comb

It's an exceptional comb for creating the perfect line parting. Engineered with gradually decreasing pitch to facilitate even tension on the hair.

3. 3 in 1 comb

Features a wide tooth comb, for effective detangling; a narrower tooth comb, for precise parting and smoothing; and a pick handle for primping, pulling out and encouraging voluminous styles.  Suitable for use on wet or dry hair; for all texture types, densities, lengths and strand widths. 

4. Detangling Comb

The wide, rounded teeth are designed to detangle without breaking your hair or damaging your scalp. Ideal for long, thick hair styles.

5. Styling Comb

Design to meet your hair style needs, suitable for professional salons and home use and the wide teeth design prevents hair from tangling.

6. Double Sided Nit Comb

Use to detect head, can use both dry and wet, removes nits, lice and fleas and eggs from childrens & adults hair, both Sides are of same size, ideal for all the family, high quality, can be used in hair salons, diy homes, materials are safe and environmentally friendly, durable and does not hurt hair and fine tooth comb.

7. 2 combs in 1

For teasing and lifting hair.

8. Hair Comb

Firm, flexible teeth, wide spacing on half the comb, narrow spacing on the other, lightweight and easy for traveling

9. Hair Picker Comb

This professional comb will save you time and effort by automatically sectioning/weaving the hair for you with one quick pass. It is perfect for highlights, low lights, coloring and more.


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