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Globalstar 4 Functions Cosmetic Multifunctional Device 702

Globalstar 4 Functions Cosmetic Multifunctional Device 702

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Cosmetic multifunctional device 702 is equipped with the following functions:

1. Vacuum

It is intended for deep cleansing of the pores and suction of impurities from the skin, as well as for effective pneumatic massage of the skin.

2. Spray

Effective application of different types of liquid, refreshing and healing tonics and preparations. It is also used to effectively remove facial mask.

3. High Frequency (D'arsonval Therapy)

It is used for skin disinfection, closing of the pores, removal of inflammatory processes on the skin, acceleration of blood circulation and metabolism processes.

4. Ultrasound

It is intended for effective insertion of active preparations into the skin and tissues, for therapeutic actions, for anticellulite treatments, etc.
Its application is found in beauty salons, spa centers, medical institutions, etc.

Power: 65W/230V - 62W/120V
Meas: 37.5X29X27.5cm
G.W.:7Kg N.W.:6Kg

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