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Globalstar 3 Functions Cosmetics Device For Face & Body M-2005B

Globalstar 3 Functions Cosmetics Device For Face & Body M-2005B

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Practical and functional design.

For deep cleaning of the skin on any part of the body the steamer is essential in every beauty salon. It can be used for steam, ozone steam, aromatherapy steam or herbal treatment, depending on the treatment.


1. Opens pores for deep cleaning of the skin.

2. The steam penetrates into the pores, softens the accumulated dirt, acne, cosmetic residues and other impurities in order to clean it more easily.

3. Special ozone generator creates ozone and effectively removes all types of bacteria from the skin, which contributes to the health of the skin.

4. It strengthens the skin micro-renewal, in order to accelerate the development of new cells and reduce wrinkles.

5. The flow of electricity will be turned off automatically when the water level drops below a specified limit.

6. There is also a timer that is used to set the time, according to needs.

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