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Cadiveu Glamour Fluido Precioso Spray 215ml

Cadiveu Glamour Fluido Precioso Spray 215ml

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Cadiveu Glamour Fluido Precioso Spray 215ml

Light formula without rinsing. Rich in amino acids, wheat protein, panthenol and ruby micro-particles which eliminate frizz and seal cuticles providing radiant luminosity to  the hair.

Ultralight spray with thermal protection to facilitate brushing and provide intense shine without weighing the wires. It finishes the hair styles perfectly and reduces frizz effectively and permanently.

Powerful spray fluid with anti-frizz action for all hair types. Cadiveu Professional Glamour Ruby Fluid Precious discipline and provides extra shine. Seals the hair cuticles and eliminates frizz effectively and long-lasting. Improves touch, increases discipline and nourishes to make hair stronger and silky. It will finish the hairstyle perfectly. Its exclusive formulation contains Cysteine and Ruby microparticles.

*Ruby microparticles - promotes an intense and long-lasting shine due to its natural scintillation.

*Cysteine - amino acid responsible for the recovery of the hair, regenerating it from the inside.

Application: Apply on damp hair and comb as usual before starting brushing. Shake well before use.

Result: Hair with radiant shine.

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