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Brasil Cacau

Brasil Cacau Sulphate Free Maintain Straightened Hair Essential Solution

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Product Details

tCore Solution includes:

Brasil Cacau Sulphate Free Anti Frizz Shampoo, 300ml

A mild, sulphate-free shampoo containing keratin that cleans and immediately reduces frizz in treated hair. Regenerates inner and outer hair, promoting a smoother and shinier look so keratin treatments last longer and look better. Gently cleanses while limiting frizz and fly-away strands so hair is manageable and silkier. Also free of parabens, sodium chloride and silicone.

Brasil Cacau Anti Frizz Conditioner, 300ml

Intense moisturising conditioner containing keratin. Seals the hair cuticles and flattens outer layer for a smoother and shinier look while reducing frizz. Creates protective shield for hair shaft so hair is less affected by humid environments that can cause frizz and static. Hair is less porous and is silkier and controllable.

Brasil Cacau Hydrating Hair Complex, 200ml

Nourishes, hydrates, restructures and strengthens hair, returning its natural shine. Hair is much less likely to become frizzy with time-releasing ingredients that protect the straightening treatment. Use to protect the treated hair as you go about your day. Injects concentrated natural oils to further reduce frizz.