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Black Medium Velcro Roller Color Light Blue - PV47922

Black Medium Velcro Roller Color Light Blue - PV47922

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Velcro rollers are oft-overlooked styling tools that create waves and curls that are soft and pretty, last a long time, and save your hair from damaging heat styling. You'll need a little extra time for creating Velcro roller curls, but the results are worth it.

Velcro roller curls are great for a night out or a special occasion when you need your style to last. Depending on the size rollers you choose, you can get retro waves with big Marilyn Monroe volume or small, loopy ringlets. If you have fine, thin, or stubborn hair that just won't hold a curl, Velcro rollers can help create long-lasting volume.

  • 6 pcs in 1 packet
  • 5 1/2cm x 4 1/2cm x 4 1/2cm
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