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Brazil Protein

Bio Lamination Brazil Protein Hair System Set of 3, 1000 ml + 550 ml x 2

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    Product Details

    Brazil Protein Biolamination is the first formol-free Brazilian straightener specially designed for afros hair.

    Its exclusive formula without formalin and enriched with coconut and babassu extracts, straighten the most rebellious hair while giving them a reduction in volume, deep hydration and natural shine. 

    The Brazilian organic smoothing "BIO LAMINATION" is the new Brazilian smoothing formula resulting from a completely revolutionary technology based on the synergy between proteins, amino acids and kukui nut oil (omega3 and omega 6), biocompatible with the fibers of hair.

    A natural bioactive smoothing effect treatment does not contain formaldehyde This allows a temporary modification of the structure of the hair, facilitating the styling, decreasing and controlling the volume, eliminating the crimps while giving light, shine and a very natural movement . Health and natural guaranteed! There is no danger to its use either for professionals or for customers, it can now be used without glove or mask.

    It can also be used on pregnant women and children (adolescents).

    This optimal product is easy to use, compatible with any pre-existing chemistry and suitable for all types of hair. 

    Bottle of 1L for about 30 applications